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April 1, 2019

Don't Strive For Work/Life Balance!

We have heard forever that we need to find work/life balance. First of all - is that possible? Think about how many times you check the email on your phone when you get home from work. What if work/life balance really isn’t the answer. What if we need to find less balance and more merging of the two? There are some strong arguments to be made that it is better when what we do merges into the other areas of our life. Here are some thoughts from people who inspire us.

Michael Bierut is a critically acclaimed graphic designer who seems to have figured out the goal in working:

Those lucky people who are fully integrated at the highest level figure out how to make everything their lives, their work, what they do for fun, and what they do for money—all the same thing.

A similar thought came from our current great read, “Tribe of Mentors,” by Timothy Ferriss. This book has over 100 interviews with successful people in every industry. One of them, Debbie Millman, said:

“I do not believe in work-life balance. I believe that if you view your work as a calling, it is a labor of love rather than laborious. When your work is a calling, you are not approaching the amount of hours you are working with a sense of dread or counting the minutes until the weekend. Your calling can become a life-affirming engagement that can provide its own balance and spiritual nourishment. Ironically, it takes hard work to achieve this.”


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