Thriving, fulfillment and belonging can be achieved by incorporating FLOW into the workplace


Science tells us that if the right conditions exist, employees won't only be engaged in their work; they'll thrive. They won’t just be happy; they'll feel fulfilled. They won’t just be productive; they'll belong. Ultimately, leading to their BestDay often.

So, how do our tools help achieve one’s BestDay? We call it FLOW ---- not the "state of being" but instead a set of conditions. Thriving, fulfillment and belonging can be achieved by incorporating FLOW into the workplace.

The FLOW methodology is based on 4 principles.

  • Frequent Feedback
  • Linking the Organization’s Vision and Mission
  • Opportunity for Growth
  • Well-Timed Recognition

How it Works

Frequent Feedback

Frequent Feedback

Frequent Feedback is solicited up and down and throughout the organization creating a foundation to perform and thrive. Peers have the ability to build their team and identify their allies. Nudges can be sent peer to peer when one is having their Best Day and (their Worst Day!), which contribute to creating a greater sense of belonging.

Frequent Feedback

Linking the Organization's Vision and Mission

Linking the organization's Vision and Mission to each employee's purpose and individual contributions creates a meaningful connection to the greater whole, which leads to deeper levels of fulfillment.

Frequent Feedback

Opportunities For Growth

Opportunity for growth is a part of an organization’s narrative. Employees are provided with opportunities to self-reflect about challenges, failures and moments of celebrations which facilitate the development of a Growth Mindset. Badges can be earned and actions unlocked as the growth mindset continues to develop.

Frequent Feedback

Well-Timed Recognition

Well- Timed recognition is encouraged via Peer to Peer and serves as a beacon of inspiration and a reminder of gratitude to the organization.


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