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From Welcome to Farewell our people management software and custom HR services are created, built and provided by our team of professionals who have been where you are (and have the scars to prove it).

Let us be your HR Department so that you can run your business!

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What Our Full Service HR Departent Provides

Full Service HR Department

Starting at
$20 Per Employee Per Week

Welcome Services
Growth Services
Farewell Services

Hourly Assistance

Billed Monthly
Hours Needed Cost of Service
50 $8,750
40 $7,000
30 $5,250
20 $3,500
10 $1,750
6 $1,050
4 $700


Quote Provided By Project Project Examples

Compensation/Market Review
Leadership Development & Coaching
Strategic Planning
Engagement Surveys
Job Descriptions
Workplace Investigations
Team Building Facilition
Employee Handbook Creation


To unleash every person’s worth by fueling their spark so they can have their BestDay.

Having Your BestDay

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