Relationships over Algorithms

August 8, 2023

Relationships over Algorithms

I recently received an email with a list of jobs that the computer algorithm suggested were “top job picks” for me. At the top of the list was this position:

Top job picks for you

Now I am sure this is an incredible position. Frankly, working with youth would be super meaningful. I truly hope this organization finds a perfect fit. But what the computer algorithm miscalculated is:

  • I have never coached

  • I don’t know how to play soccer

  • I get a cramp after walking briskly for ten yards

  • There is nothing on my resume or social media that suggests I have any experience with this role

  • And, I am sure I would not even get past a screening of my resume even if I did apply – which would be the right decision for this organization!

I’ll get to the point – as an individual my most valued relationships are those that have been curated over weeks, months, and years. Likewise, the majority of our growth as BestDayHR has come from people we know or people who know people we know. Every time we get a call from someone who would like to partner, we are humbled when it is based on a referral of someone we worked with in the past. Likewise, we love referring individuals and organizations to others that we trust and know do quality work. We have yet to find an algorithm to replace any of those human interactions.

So until chatGPT can make me a better soccer player, thank you for your trust – and thank you for being someone that we trust.

Your Friends at BestDayHR