Todd's Best Day

September 28, 2022

Todd's Best Day

It has been a lot of fun for me to contemplate what makes a best day. Obviously, the big payoff for a real estate agent, both emotionally and financially, come at closing so a “best day” would have to include a closing. Usually by the time we get to signing the paperwork, all the problems have been overcome and everyone is excited and happy. The sellers are excited about getting the biggest check of their lives and the buyers are getting the keys to their new home. Just yesterday I had a “best day” helping a young couple close on their first house. As we talked outside after their signing one of them said “I just want to give you a big hug!” Who wouldn’t love to hear that from a client? I actually felt the same. We had just experienced a euphoric moment together and the shared happiness was genuine. In my world, a closing usually involves cooperation from a lot of other people besides the buyers, sellers, and agents. A successful closing almost always includes a lender, transaction coordinator, and underwriter. It also includes title and escrow officers, home inspectors, appraisers and sometimes contractors. Most of the time, all parties–buyers, sellers, and their respective teams–come away feeling like we just accomplished a win / win. Getting all those people on the same page and accomplishing a goal we are all working toward is simply a lot of fun.

Although a closing represents the climax of a home sale, there are other huge milestones, so a best day would also need to include receiving an accepted offer. An accepted offer indicates another closing is on the horizon. To get a buyer and seller to agree to a price and terms usually means a lot of productive discussion and negotiation has taken place. Usually a lot of research has been discussed and emotions have run high as a buyer has made the big decision to write up an offer. Frequently, an accepted offer means that two parties of made some kind of compromise and that both feel like they have a good deal ahead of them. For me, an accepted offer means I just locked in a future payday. Although the accepted offer does not usually produce the biggest celebration, it the cause of the first big celebration–and usually comes with a huge sigh of relief.

One more milestone needs to be reached to add to a “best day.” A true best day will always include meeting a new prospect who commits to working with me. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of clients. Many are close friends and many have bought and sold property with me more than once. All those friends were at one time just first time acquaintances. The day someone commits to working with me is a huge compliment. It says that person or family trusts me to help them manage one of the largest and most emotional transactions of their lives. It is the day that starts the process of finding the right home, qualifying for a loan, negotiating a win/win deal with a stranger, relying on a variety of local professionals to get all the way to a closing. Almost without exception, the day a new client commits to working with me is the day a new friendship and a new home buying adventure begins.

After 15 years of repeating the process with a variety of people, I still have not gotten tired of it. I have had enough “best days” that I have come to anticipate the next one. In fact, a few rough days mixed in probably only serve to make the good days even better.

Todd McCauley