The World Needs YOU

August 24, 2022

The World Needs YOU

The world needs you. No. Seriously. REALLY needs you. One research report we recently read said that loneliness and isolation can be as dangerous as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and can shorten your life by five years. Think about our world of work - how many people do you know work alone at home now and their only connection is through video conferencing? It is easy to see why loneliness levels are increasing. That is where you come in. The antidote to loneliness is - you guessed it - connection. Creating connection in the workplace is not up to your supervisor, the CEO, or HR - it is all of our responsibility. Here are some great examples we recently saw:

  1. Ever notice people who don’t show themselves on a Zoom meeting? Send them a quick individual chat in the meeting checking in on how they are doing or share a fun memory of a cool project you worked on together.
  2. Hold a virtual lunch. Send out an invite to a group of colleagues and brown bag it virtually. Cheap and easy, but effective in keeping relationships going.
  3. Think about someone in your organization that you never or rarely interact with. Be purposeful in reaching out to a new person once a week - introduce yourself - and ask them what they are working on that is interesting.
  4. Up your kindness quotient, and when someone does something at work, tell them how impressed you are, thank them, or tell them how grateful you are that they are part of the team.
  5. Often we think our leaders should have all of the answers, or our expectations of them sometimes rise too high. But, ultimately, they are no different than the rest of us. Send a thank you email to a leader for all that they do and for helping forge a path in these uncertain times. Even if you think they have flaws - realize that we all do - and they could use a virtual pat on the back too.

We want to take a stab at ending loneliness at work. We would be honored if you shared with us your thoughts. Contact Us

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