A Tsunami is Upon Us - A Work Tsunami

July 20, 2022

A Tsunami is Upon Us - A Work Tsunami

My Father worked for the same organization for 36 years. Dramatically, 40% of my sons’ generation believe they are going to be entrepreneurs. This incredible change in generational attitudes about work becomes more foreboding for employers as the average stay of younger employees hovers around three years. Employers asleep at the wheel regarding these sea changes will pay the price by becoming irrelevant or seeing talented applicant pools dry up. An antidote to these trends is to listen to what employees want - fair pay/benefits, meaningful missions, and a deliberate focus on work cultures where everyone is valued.

The Mercer organization recently released the 2019 Global Talent Trends Report, which is a report of the shifts in the workplace. It consists of survey responses from 7,300 leaders in organizations throughout the world. The top risks that these individuals identified to their workplaces were excessive time to fill positions and low and declining employee engagement. In response to the trends happening in the workplace, the report wisely observes, “Employees are seeking more purpose, inspiration, and connectivity this year. In the modern workplace, success is a team effort and depends on every person’s ability to develop connections within and outside of the company. . . . When this networked model is at its best, a collective sense of inspiration flows throughout, transferring the shock waves of disruption into sparks of brilliance.”

At BestDayHR we are not just selling software. We have a cause. We are on a mission. Our desire is to partner with organizations to support them in their efforts to build work environments where all individuals are valued and where one’s daily work has meaning and fulfillment. Why do we want to do this? Well, the above realities support there is a need. But, frankly, the more important reason is that we want these things for ourselves and believe everyone deserves the same. We hope you will join our mission.

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