Are you happy

July 27, 2022

Are you happy

Are you happy?

Yes, talking to you.

Hey, I have all the time in the world while I wait for an answer!

I’m not an expert in happiness, but it is something I think about a lot. There are books, classes, articles, and blogs out there to help you achieve a state of happiness (see some places to check out below).

What I have come to realize is that no one and no thing can make you happy. It has to come from within, and it is hard and consistent work. Plus, if you are over the age of 10, you have realized that perhaps rather than striving to be happy all the time - which is IMPOSSIBLE - maybe we should be striving to be content with ourselves and those around us. That being said, here are some recommendations I love and that I see over and over again in the sources I read and listen to.

  1. Count your blessings - in this day of social media where everyone apparently looks beautiful, are having a fun time every day of the week, and spending lots of money on the latest cool things, it is a bit disconcerting to realize I have to live on a budget, deal with hair falling off my body where it should be growing and growing where it shouldn’t be, and that my vacations to the local lake are a lot more mundane than yachting in France. One consistent suggestion in everything I have read on this subject is to count your blessings. Literally - make a list of what you do have. Try it. Once a day write down 3 things that you are grateful for. It works and will change your viewpoint over time as this becomes a new habit.

  2. Express gratitude - take the time to say thank you. Find someone and tell them what they have done for you. Send a text to someone thanking them for bringing in your garbage, or being an example to you during a meeting. Rather than find fault, find the good in someone. There is nothing more rewarding than to see someone smile or feel good about themselves based on your actions. Odd thing is - it makes you feel just as good.

  3. Practice optimism - one strategy that is effective is when that stinking little voice in your head wants you to think about something that might end badly, or how horrible something may be in the future, try something different. Think about the best possible outcome instead. Change the narrative from what possibly could go wrong to what possibly could go right. Snuff out that negative little voice that can consume so much time, and replace it with one that makes for a much better brain companion.

  4. Practice your superpower - all of us have superpowers. You may be a good cook, or organize meetings well, or be a social media guru. Think about what you are really good at - and then share that superpower with someone else. Offer to help someone that may see that thing you do so well as a piece of kryptonite in their life. No doubt someone will then share their superpower to help lift you.

  5. Read the obituaries - okay, this one is my weird habit and I haven’t seen this suggestion anywhere else. When I am feeling low or devalued, I read the obituaries. Inevitably there is someone who passed who is my age or younger. It helps jolt me back to reality - that life is precious, that we all have a special gift that is uniquely ours to share with the world, and to treat each day as something special.

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