Having Your BestDay

May 11, 2022

Show Me Your Scars

This is Remi the cow dog. He was born to do one job - a job that he loves - herding. He is a herding agnostic - he doesn’t care if you are a plane flying over the yard, a flock of geese, a wheelbarrow, or kids playing football. If he’s on the job, then be prepared to be herded. When he was a pup he tried to herd something that did not want to be moved and he ended up with a small scar over his left eye. Undaunted, he knows what he was born to do, and to this day he does his job well despite some hard lessons learned, large obstacles, and, yes, even scars.

There is a bit of Remi in all of us. There is something that we are passionate about - something we were born to do. At BestDayHR, we are a close group of colleagues passionate about building HR software tools that are beautiful, functional, fun to use, and affordable. We came to this realization after some hard lessons learned, jumping over obstacles, and, yes, even a few scars. We look forward to serving you so you can spend more time doing the thing that is most important - focusing on your people.

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To unleash every person’s worth by fueling their spark so they can have their BestDay.

Having Your BestDay

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