Having Your BestDay

May 18, 2022

Take this job and...

Most of Us Have Been Here Before

Dear Janice, it is with great pleasure that I submit my resignation immediately. Before leaving this "amazing" organization, I want to personally thank you for all of the times that you stole my ideas and passed them off as your own. It was so rewarding to return home each evening and tell my family how my ideas prompted your promotion. I almost get a little misty eyed with nostalgia thinking about all of the times you came into my office to gossip about other employees - who you liked or who should be fired. It made me feel like I could trust you with my deepest concerns or fears - knowing that they would be safe in your tiny, vindictive and withering heart. So long Janice. I wish you everything you deserve and raise my glass with this toast - may you receive ten fold everything that you have given. In conclusion, I dearly hope our paths cross one day so that I can turn around and run the other way.

Warmly, Pat

You know you have written a resignation letter like the one above, at least mentally, at least once. You get a little mental dopamine hit thinking how good it will feel to hit the “send” button and let that little wretch of a supervisor read your fiery e-mail. Our advice - DON’T DO IT! The payoff will be short lived and will come back to haunt you. We have talked about this before, but here are three simple reasons why you should hit the delete button on a scorched earth resignation email.

First, your filter may be off. This is a true story - there was a person I worked with I seemingly did not get along with. We had to work together and I thought we were making the best of it. Knowing I was leaving the organization I did not ever think our paths would purposefully cross again. In one of our last meetings she pulled me aside and told me that our working relationship was one of the most enjoyable ones she had had in her career. The bite of my goodbye sheet cake almost fell out of my mouth. In hindsight I realized that our styles were very different, but we had the same goals. Check this out - we now periodically have lunch together just to check-in.

Second, most industries have a spiderweb of people connections that you may not know about until later. Inevitably you will be applying for a job or talking to a customer who knows someone at your old organization. Word of your heaving a Molotov cocktail of a resignation letter may be a story told to others - which one, two, or five years later may make you come off as mean-spirited or vindictive - harming you from getting a job with that new company that heard of your little hissy fit.

Third, and maybe most importantly, you are better than that. You may have truly had an H.E. double toothpick job, but be the adult. Leave with dignity. Even if this does nothing to help your future career - you will feel better that your emotional intelligence scored off the charts.

So, next time you feel like lighting it up on your way out the door while singing “take this job and shove it” write us instead. We don’t mind. We have your back. Who knows, your letter may end up on our office Wall of Shame.

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Having Your BestDay

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