Having Your BestDay

April 20, 2022

Best Boss Ever

There are lots of articles, blogs, videos, and lectures explaining the attributes of the best leaders. There are lists and tests and matrices that explain how you can identify those supervisors who are true leaders. I agree with most everything I have read, but I think it is much simpler. I believe there is one indicator that clearly shows who is an amazing leader. I know, pretty brassy of me, right? Before you stop reading because you think I am too big for my britches, aren’t you curious of what it is? Drum roll ….

The best leaders know when you are looking for a new job. Ta da! That’s it - pure and simple. Not convinced? Let’s break this down.

The best leaders want what is personally and professionally best for you. They create work environments based on trust. They show their own vulnerability and humanness at work. They acknowledge they don’t have all of the answers and they need your help. You know you are valuable to them - not only for what you do, but for who you are. They know the name of your dog - they know when you are having a bad day, and they know when you are in the FLOW during a good day. They have regular conversations with you about what you are working on, what is interesting, and what is getting in your way. They are mature enough to recognize that their workplace may have some insurmountable obstacles that impede you having your best day, or that you are simply growing out of your role, and the role you really need cannot exist at their organization. That is why they know you are looking - because you wanted to share that information with them. In fact, the best leaders give you advice, introduce you to professional connections, and tearfully say goodbye when you leave, but express their satisfaction that you found something you are excited about. Too good to be true? No, that should be the expected behavior of every leader - because it means they put you first.

Now, if you want that relationship and don’t currently have it with your supervisor - go ahead and share this email. Let them know that we at BestDayHR stand ready to help.

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Having Your BestDay

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