March 9, 2022

HR Pep Talk #1

Today I just want to talk to my HR peeps out there. The rest of you can listen, but the following may not seem relevant to you. Dear HR friends, do any of the following sound familiar?

Your organization put in place a policy in a handbook. The policy was approved by the organization, the underlying reasons for the policy make sense, are legal, but ultimately hold people accountable to a certain behavior or level of conduct. When the policy is enforced, suddenly it becomes HR’s policy or “your policy.” Usually these statements are attributed to HR when the leader or supervisor doesn’t want to be blamed or held accountable for enforcing the rule.

You are in a meeting and referred to by organization in the third person. You know - the classic, “HR made me do it.” “Check with HR, it’s their rule.” “Everyone be quiet, HR just walked into the room.”

You are the one that the employee accuses of being unfair. You are the one the supervisor accuses of being too rigid. You are the one the plaintiff’s attorney accuses made flawed decisions. You are the one referred to as unnecessary overhead. You are the one whose name is used when the news article is written about the latest drama at your workplace - because you were sent in to clean it up. But, curiously, you are the first one people go to in times of stress, when they need counsel, and when they feel they are about to get in trouble. Behind the closed doors, in those one-on-one settings, you witness tears, you extend grace, and you are thanked. But, often, the closed door sentiments do not make it out to the open forum.

I could go on and on because I have been there. I have felt those lonely times. Like you, I have questioned my career choice. There is no huge epiphany today that I want to share. Just this - keep going. You are needed. You are making a difference. You are part of a noble profession that at its heart, cares about people and wants them to have their best day. Thank you for what you do and the pure reasons of why you do it. Please know, we have your back and want you to be successful. If you ever want to talk, commiserate, or just hang out with “those HR people” - drop us a line at

Your friends at BestDayHR