2021, I'm not that into you anymore

January 12, 2022

It is probably safe to say that 2021 had its share of not best days. Whether it was economic pressures, lost jobs, homeschooling, remote work fatigue, racial injustice, divisiveness, or, tragically, death, 2021 impacted all of us. But, we have hope for 2022.

BestDayHR is a second career act for us. We all had steady jobs with defined career paths, but then something different, but the same, happened to each of us. We all hit a roadblock. For some this was in the form of waking up one day realizing that we were not working a job that felt meaningful. When that realization was held up against the unrelenting truth that life is short, a change needed to be made. For others, we were part of work cultures that treated people poorly - and it rubbed our core values raw. After experiencing these things, we collided together and created BestDayHR with the thought that work can be different. Workplaces can be different. We are proud of what are creating - in its essence it all comes down to how we see each other. Columnist David Brooks said: “Many of our society’s great problems flow from people not feeling seen and known. … [There is a] core … trait that we all have to get … better at [, and that] is the trait of seeing each other deeply and being deeply seen.” We would add one additional thought - and that is - seeing ourselves in a better light. Treating ourselves with compassion.

So, here is to 2022! We are excited by the opportunities to improve our little space in the world. We are grateful for your partnership. We are excited to hear your stories of change and hope and lives well-lived. And, we are excited that despite the challenges around us, we can experience best days as we treat others and ourselves with more grace, creativity, and kindness. Let’s put 2021 in the rearview mirror, and create an incredible 2022.