A Human Resources Company

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What we do

We create software tools that are beautiful, functional, fun to use, and affordable.

We do a few things with excellence.

We do good and make a profit.

We are transparent by telling customers what we provide, what the cost of the product is, and by making sells through the value of the product.

What we believe

We will exceed customer expectations by paying attention to the big and little things.

Our company is built on long-term relationships with our customers.

We control our own destiny through hard work, innovation, and some luck.

We are nimble, disruptive market leaders, with a nationwide footprint.

Our Story

Like you, we believe that life is a precious gift. While on this planet we want to do something meaningful with our time. Working for municipalities and passionate organizations we have seen and experienced that meaning. Think about it - what could have more meaning than a city hall that serves and protects our citizens, a school that educates our future, and a municipality that provides innovative life enhancing services on constrained budgets?

When we could not find the people software tools that we wanted, we decided to create them. So who are we? We are a group of like minded friends who are taking our experience and passion for local government to deliver people tools that free you up to focus on your people. This gives our days great meaning. Thank you for that and thank you for your trust.

What drives us

We create HR tools that come from our experience working in and with municipalities. Heck, we have the scars to prove it.


Within in us all is the desire to create. For us, we are dogged in creating software that is super functional, fairly priced, fun to use, and dare we say, beautiful to look at.


Genuine We like the same things you do - transparent pricing, no hidden fees, no pesky sales calls, tools that work as promised, and hugs from our Moms.


Without you we would not exist. We respect your trust and work to exceed your expectations by paying attention to the big and little things.

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